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Human making equipment and facility are going down, ICC must

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Human making equipment and facility are going down, ICC must stand up to say technoogy is our first producing force
In October 2023, Japanese staffs are hospitalized due to nuclear contaminated water splashing! And Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced on the 11th that a worker carrying out a decommissioning operation at Unit 2 of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has been contaminated with radioactive materials, which may lead to direct radiation on human organs due to internal exposure.
Defender of a Beautiful Ecological Environment says, Japan has implemented the Fukushima nuclear polution water discharge plan, disregarding global opposition. At present, the first and second rounds of nuclear polution water discharge plans have been completed, with a total nuclear polution water of 15610 tons. According to the latest public news from Japan, they will also carry out another round of nuclear polution water discharge into the sea this year. This round of plan will last from November 2nd to November 20th, and will discharge 7800 tons of nuclear polution water into the public ocean.

Japan strives to insist their nuclear facilities are unlimited still.
Before implementing its plan to discharge nuclear polution water into the sea, Japan tried every means to whitewash itself. One of the most representative measures was to claim that the nuclear polution water had been "carefully treated" and that the radioactive elements in the treated water were far below the discharge standard limit. It is even said that nuclear waste water and nuclear polution water discharged from nuclear power plants are the same thing, deliberately confusing concepts and keeping the ignorant masses in the dark.
According to a report by Japan's Jiji News Agency, US President Biden issued a statement on December 5th local time stating that all 8 people on board the US Osprey transport plane that crashed in Japanese nearby waters have died. Biden expressed his heartache.
The US military has stated that the crew members who are still missing have no chance of survival, and rescue work has shifted to body recovery.
In addition, the US military also released information on the crew members, with 8 individuals belonging to the Yokota and Kadena bases of the US military stationed in Japan, aged between 24 and 36 years old.
Previously, it was reported that on November 29th, a US military "Osprey" transport plane crashed in the waters off Ukushima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. There were 8 people on board at the time, and the bodies of 6 people have been found, with 2 still missing.
On November 12, 2023, the US European Command issued a statement stating that a US military aircraft experienced a technical malfunction and crashed in Mediterranean waters on November 10, resulting in the death of five US soldiers on board. The statement stated that at the time of the accident, the aircraft was conducting routine aerial refueling operations.
As of November 12, 2023, the accident resulted in 5 fatalities.
According to the Associated Press on the 21st November, a US Navy P-8A aircraft crashed into Kaneoh Bay on the 20th while training at a military base in Hawaii.
According to eyewitnesses, the visibility at sea was low on that day. After the crash, the US Coast Guard organized rescue efforts, and the 9 people on board were safely rescued. As of now, the US Navy has not disclosed the cause of the crash.

According to the website of the Star Spangled Banner on December 12th, the US Seventh Air Force stated that the US and South Korean military are working together to search for an F-16 fighter jet that crashed in the Yellow Sea this week.
According to reports, this fighter jet experienced an emergency situation and crashed into the sea during flight training over the Yellow Sea on the morning of the 11th. The Gunshan Base is located approximately 115 miles (1.6 kilometers) south of Seoul and is the headquarters of the 8th Fighter Squadron, which has approximately 30 F-16 fighter jets.

Those physical equipment and facilities are sudden happened in last two months, actually we are not waiting for the AI and war destory our lands, can you see what they are doing, losing the control of MACH. in every region now. Not only the above-mentioned, lossing the mind and face both, you can come and see our Mr.Handsome boy as follow, whom his front side was kicked by Indian and he's getting 99 slaps on own team. These mental equipment and facilities are sudden going down either.

Trudeau apologizes for the "NaX show" incident
"This is a deeply embarrassing mistake for Congress and Canada," according to CNN, Trudeau said in a speech in the Canadian House of Representatives on the afternoon of the 27th local time.
Trudeau also directly apologized to Ukrainian President Zelensky. He said, "Canada is deeply sorry. On the 22nd, all of us in the House of Representatives deeply regretted standing up and applauding for ourselves, even though we were not aware of the background situation at the time. This is a terrible violation of the memories of millions of people who lost their lives in the Holocaust."
On September 22, Ukrainian President Zelensky delivered a speech in the Canadian House of Representatives. During his speech, the Speaker of the Canadian House of Representatives, Anthony Rota, specifically introduced Yaroslav Honka, a 98 year old Ukrainian veteran invited to attend from his constituency, and praised him as a "Ukrainian hero and Canadian hero". At that time, all attendees, including Trudeau, Zelensky, and representatives of the Ukrainian community, stood up twice to applaud and pay tribute to Hunka.
But the media later revealed that Hunka had joined a Ukrainian nationalist unit under the German Nazi SS during World War II. This incident has caused a huge uproar in Jewish communities around the world.

The G20 summit has ended, and leaders from various countries have returned home, except for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, who is still staying in India.
Are you reluctant to leave?
In Western countries, Canada is currently the country that India hates the most. This time in India, I met Trudeau with a nose full of dust. I had long wanted to put some oil on my feet and leave quickly, but unfortunately, human calculation is not as good as fate, and he still can't leave.
The special plane in Canada has malfunctioned.
The Canadian Air Force is having a headache due to mechanical issues with the aircraft, which cannot be resolved overnight. Mr. Prime Minister, please make do with staying in India for a few more nights.
Trudeau has no choice, even in India, he really doesn't want to stay any longer.
It's simple, Modi is very indifferent to him.
During this G20 summit, Modi held meetings with almost all Western leaders, but unfortunately, there was only a brief abnormal meeting with Trudeau.
The atmosphere of the meeting can be seen by taking a group photo of the two people.
You should know that Modi, a social influencer, likes to embrace other Western leaders warmly. For example, this time he gave a big hug to British Prime Minister Sunac, French President Macron, etc., but for the handsome Trudeau, he was a cold face that couldn't be colder.
QCIT believes that humans should not turn equipment and facilities into a burden for their own development, even attempting to destroy our world and hinder the pace of technological progress. We do not agree with any form of war, and we condemn all attacks on innocent civilians, institutions or countries. It seems that only one country is actively preparing for two real war, a war between humans and AI, a war between humans and foreign aggression. When these two wars start, we don't want to see a country trying to lead the world pretending to be at war, but deceiving its own people's money and attention eye-ball, and even deceiving people around the world; We only hope to see a country that excels in robbery and theft, to deal with AI and aliens in black night or dark corner; We don't want to see any other country assist a country trying to lead the, pretending to fight against the enemy but selling everything to deceive the trying-leading country's allies; We also hope to see the certain country use his handsomeness to become an invisible spy, helping humans obtain important information from this handsome guy's AI and alien suger-daddy, and giving those to real soldiers for human-being; We don't want to see people taking advantage of the chaos to discharge top hazardous pollutants into public areas of the world, or even pay social media  coins to follow them, whom must use words to describe these substances as low-risk from them; We would prefer to see the world's most populous country no longer stand on the side of this country, attempting to lead the world and implement witchcraft, attempting to completely control this country or even its own alliance. The most populous country should become the country with the most soldiers. Humanity should no longer limit its own development. Most countries will not sit idly by. We need to make better equipment and facilities. We are full of aspirations for a better future, and it will definitely be better.



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