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Technically speaking, we have identified the core problem o

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Technically speaking, we have identified the core issues of our North American neighbors. As neighboring countries, our USA friends hope that everyone can start paying attention to the following issues.
According to the Metropolitan Daily on January 31, a United Airlines flight recently made an emergency landing at Denver Airport due to a broken windshield.
According to the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, this Boeing 737-800 aircraft took off from Harris International Airport in Las Vegas on Sunday morning and was forced to change its destination from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. to another airport for landing. It is reported that the flight is United Airlines Flight 1627, which took off at 9:22 am on Sunday and landed at Denver International Airport after flying in the air for nearly 3 hours.
On February 21st, the New York Times and other media reported that the US Department of Justice released an indictment on the same day, accusing Japanese gang leader Takeshi Hayao of attempting to smuggle nuclear weapon raw materials such as plutonium and uranium from Myanmar to countries such as Iran to fund illegal arms trafficking. If the relevant charges are established, the 60 year old Hai Laoze Takeshi may face life imprisonment.
On February 22, 2024, Hailao Zewushi appeared in the Manhattan Federal District Court on new charges. His lawyer objected to his characterization as the leader of a Japanese gang. The US authorities claim that the gang led by Hailao Zewushi is active in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, and the United States.

According to a report by Newsweek in the United States, Takeshi Hayao's personal life is very mysterious, and the indictment describes the gang he leads as "a tightly organized transnational criminal network in Japan.". Hai Laoze's criminal activities include large-scale drug and weapon trafficking, and his international criminal network is spread throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas
Of course, there are still many flaws in this incident. Iran's nuclear industry capability should no longer rely on smuggling nuclear materials to enrich weapon grade uranium. Although Iran has not really increased the abundance of enriched uranium to 90% of weapon grade, the latest one is currently reaching 60%. However, the outside world generally believes that it is not difficult for Iran to achieve this. From this perspective, relying on a Japanese mafia to build a country's nuclear capability is a bit too much of a story. This gangster has been successfully deceived by American undercover agents, perhaps due to a lack of understanding of Iran. It's impossible that he wants to borrow Iran's hand and send two nuclear bombs back to the United States.
Due to numerous doubts, the US also managed to contact Japanese staff and requested them to thoroughly investigate Hai Laoze Gang. However, after the investigation, the Japanese side stated that; "Hai Laoze has no connection with the Japanese gang," this is a clever answer that indirectly dispels the suspicion of cooperation between Japanese officials and Hai Laoze.
QCIT does not identify with any triad or non-governmental organizations, but nuclear technology is the core technology of human security and should not be treated as gunpowder and conventional weapons in this way. The relationships within this are complex and cannot be understood by us, a technology manufacturer who focuses on quality. However, we will make an appeal for world peace.
According to reports, on November 5th local time
A passenger named Hariharan Sankaran boarded SpiceJet India SG8152 flight from Mumbai to New Delhi, only to discover a crack on one of the plane's windows, which was covered with transparent tape.
Image source: India Today

According to Reuters, on the evening of January 18 local time, a Boeing 747-8 cargo plane of Atlas Airlines encountered engine failure shortly after takeoff, and made an emergency landing at Miami International Airport. The online video showed that the engine on one side of the cargo plane caught fire in midair.
Online video shows the cargo plane emitting flames on its left wing during flight/X website screenshot
According to reports, the cargo plane that broke down was a Boeing 747-8 aircraft of Atlas Airlines with flight number 5Y095. It was originally planned to fly from Miami International Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico on the evening of the 18th. According to Flightradar24 website data, the aircraft has been in service for eight years. According to Boeing's website, the 747-8 model aircraft is powered by four General Electric GEnx engines.
QCIT recently discovered that on the YouTube platform, Captain James, based on his decades of work experience in an aviation supply company in India, we believe that hyping up India is wrong. Technically, it is right, but in terms of ethics and LGBT, it is completely wrong.
Some people are slandering India and Japan, which is not right. None of the problems in the United States are due to the following reasons: the Indian and Japanese people in the United States cut corners on technology, the Indian and Japanese people in the United States are corrupt in public relations, the Indian and Japanese people in the United States are jointly bound in commercial interests, and the Indian and Japanese people in the United States occupy moral kidnapping positions in important industries, The Indian and Japanese people in the United States are at odds with each other in terms of homeland security, brainwashing audiences in entertainment industry works, and undermining the foundation of decades old white and Jewish friends in technological development.



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