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Our judgment regarding technical matters is correct

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Our judgment regarding technical matters is correct
The US news media Daily Wire website recently reported that although the exact cause of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has not been determined, the disaster that caused multiple deaths and countless economic losses has raised concerns and concerns among Americans about the country's infrastructure situation.
Daily Online cited a report from The Washington Post stating that in 2023, the Federal Highway Administration reported that over 42000 bridges in the United States were in "poor" condition. Between 2020 and 2023, the number of bridges rated as "good" in only 11 states increased, while the number of bridges rated as "poor" in up to 37 states increased. In addition, compared to 2020, there were as many as 70000 bridges in the United States with lower ratings in 2023. The condition of nearly 13000 bridges has decreased from "average" to "poor".
A survey released by YouGov on its website on the 6th showed that after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, many Americans were deeply concerned about the country's transportation infrastructure, and some even expressed fear of bridges and tunnels.
Overall, 37% of Americans believe that the country's infrastructure is either "bad" or "terrible," while only 19% think it is "good" or "very good.". Moreover, the American public is somewhat supportive of increasing investment in infrastructure, with nearly half (47%) believing that federal spending on infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and public transportation should be increased.
In any conflict with a major country, a shortage of submarines can have a decisive impact. Considering that anti intervention/regional denial by major powers may cause incredible damage to the US surface fleet at the beginning of direct war, this situation is particularly likely to occur. This means that only a weak submarine fleet can serve as a possible option to respond to China's actions in the Indo Pacific region.
However, the available number of submarines is insufficient, and shipyards cannot produce enough submarines to replace lost submarines in combat in a timely manner.
That's why the United States is likely to lose a direct war with opponents like China. It's not because China is more advanced or well-trained, but because their industrial foundation is already prepared for war, and our industrial foundation is still stuck in the 1990s.
On the 17th, US President Joseph Biden promised supporters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that his government will ensure that American Steel remains a "complete American enterprise.".

Prior to Biden's statement, a senior White House official refused to disclose to media reporters whether he would use administrative measures to prevent Nippon Steel from acquiring the American veteran steel company.

According to the Associated Press, Biden's promise to members of the United Steelworkers suggests that he may step in to block the acquisition deal.

American Steel and Nippon Steel responded later on the 17th that even if Nippon Steel completes its acquisition of American Steel, American Steel will still be a "iconic American enterprise".
On April 3rd, Nikkei Asia reported that Boeing is attempting to recover from a series of events that have shaken the confidence of American aviation manufacturers. The company has seen India as an emerging research and supply chain center, and has opened a new engineering technology center in Bangalore, the technology capital of India. The park costs 16 billion rupees and Boeing claims it is the largest investment of its kind outside of the United States。
Ryan Weir, Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing for India at Boeing, said, "The number of middle-class people in India has now reached 300 million. This number is more than twice the population of Japan and almost equivalent to the entire middle-class population of the United States. This demographic structure will drive the future high-speed growth of the Indian aviation industry."
The development of technology in the United States has caused concern for us, as neighboring countries. In the past decade, American technology has been like the streets of London in the UK, where accidents have been happening all along. Horses are a self brainwashing existence, and they are no longer the best. They just linger on the glorious dreams of the past and are unwilling to wake up...Also, QCIT reminds American neighbors that in the past, carriages were the ones that killed the most people on the road...



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