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Highway Guardrail

AASHTO Guardrails QCIT-GR-05 Guard Rails

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QCIT AASHTO M180 Thrie Beam Guardrail features its shape of three waves, which has an added corrugation on the basic of traditional W-beam made as per M180 standard. Compared to two-wave shape products, this one has a stronger construction and higher impact endurance. It is a perfect combination of high quality material and excellent anti-rust zinc or powder-coated.QCIT makes it outstanding at long-term corrosion and rust resistance. 

QCIT AASHTO M180 W-Beam Guardrail is a kind of road crash barrier made as per M180 standard, used for securing highway safety by preventing errant vehicles from sliding out of the roads and impacting the roadside buildings or other objects. So it is most commonly fixed on the side of the highways, dock areas, aisles, especially on curves and slopes for protection against run-off-road collisions.

QCIT W-Beam Guardrail product is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology for making sure its high durability and maximum strength. Meanwhile, QCIT M180 guardrails have passed the crash testing of TL1, TL2, TL3, TL4 as per MASH.

AASHTO M180 guardrails:

Standard Size 4130mm*312mm*83mm , 7920mm*312mm*83mm
 or customized
Material Q235,Q355, S355JR
Base metal nominal thickness 2.67mm, 3.43mm or customized
Surface Treatment Hot dip galvanized as per ASTM A653
Zinc coating thickness Type I: 550g/m2,  Type II: 1100g/m2, or customized
Standards AASHTO M180
Application Highway, Expressway and Ring roads.

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    WhatsApp: +8618926086559

    Phone: 0086-18926086559

    Tel: 0086-755-23091971

    Email: info@qcitgroup.com


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