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Highway Guardrail

QCIT-GR Guardrail-15 Guard Rails

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QCIT-GR Base Metal:
The beam, transition, end, and buffer sections shall consist of sheet made of open hearth, electric furnace or basic oxygen steel and shall meet the mechanical properties specified in table as below.

Mechanical properties: The mechanical properties of the base metal shall conform to the following requirements:
Beams and transition sections:
Yield Point, minimum, 345 MPa (50000 psi);
Tensile Strength, minimum 483 MPa (70000 psi); and
Elongation, in 50 mm (2 in.), minimum, 12 percent.
End and buffer sections:
Yield Point, minimum, 227 MPa (33000 psi); and
Tensile Strength, minimum 310 MPa (45000 psi).

QCIT-GR Ordering information:
Orders for guardrail under this specification shall include the following information, as required, to adequately described material:
· Quantity (linear meter or number of pieces).
· Class of guardrail.
· Types of guardrail.
· Effective length of beam section 3.8 mm or 7.6 mm.
· Shape (W-beam or Thrie-beam).
· Exceptions to this specification or special requirements, if any.
Our complete highway guardrail systems including w beam guardrail, Thrie beam guardrail, highway guardrail post, spacer, end terminal, reflector, bolts, etc.

QCIT-GR Details and Parts Names
Highway Guardrail Parts Names Remark
W Beam Customized Guardrail Beam Size, Two Wave Beam
Post Customized Guardrail Post Section Profile and Size
Spacer Guardrail Spacer in Section Profile, Box and shapes
Bolts, Nuts, Washers Anti-Theft Bolts, Nuts, Washers available
Reflector Also Cat's Eye and Delinator
Thrie Beam Three Wave Guardrail Beam Customized Size
W to Thrie Beam Transition Transition Section in Customized Thickness and Holes
End Terminal Fishtail and Bullnose, End Anchorage and Butter-end.
Crash Cushions Customized by the drawings and exactly OEM work.

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    WhatsApp: +8618926086559

    Phone: 0086-18926086559

    Tel: 0086-755-23091971

    Email: info@qcitgroup.com


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