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Grid and Power Facilities

Power Tower-01

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QCIT Grid Tower Main Technical Parameters

Material Q460, Q420, Q345, Q235,20#,45#
Usage Power Transmission, Electricity power transmission, power substation
Type Monopole/Angular/Tubular
Connecting Method Bolts & Slip & welding Joint
Welding Standard Canada Welding Standard (CWB Certified Welders), AWS Standard, GBT Standard
Surface Treatment Hot-Dip Galvanized or Per Requriement
Height 15m-100m
Certificate ISO 9000-2008,ISO 14001,OHSAS/OHSMS18001
Capacity 1500 Ton per Month 
Payment Terms By Negotiation
Service time 50 years

Electric power steel towers can be installed on the bearing capacity of the roof and floor or on a hillside with 60 degree angle or round steel, regular triangle form and steel strand anchor fixed way, greatly reduce wind load coefficient by weight of the tower, covers less area (0.25 m * 0.25 m), smaller damage to bearing material; floor foundation constructed conveniently , and can design multilayer platform with high bearing capacity; Antennas and microwave transmission equipment can be mounted on the floor construction, because of more maintenance structures around the floor, this can get more convenient stay fixed ; When constructing on the hillside, the advantages of the hillside can be used to fix the cable, which is convenient for installation, fast for construction, light for components, less occupation of land, short time limit for damage to the load, and inconvenience to the residents (when installing on the roof of the city) .

QCIT Hot DIP Galvanized steel  Mono-pole electric power transmission Tower is one of our main products, it has the following advantages:
1. ISO and CE Certificate
2. 20 years production experience
3. Material: Q235B, Q345B, Q420B
4. Hot Dip galvanization
5. OEM is welcome
6. High quality with reasonable price
7. Can produce various height and structural tower
8. Monthly production capacity can reach 5000 Metric tons

QCIT Grid and Power Facilities Performance Standard
Besides conforms to the drawing and design, the materials and fabrication of tower components shall conform to the following standards (ASTM/GB Standards) and customer's requirements.
Steel pipe/angle/hybrid tower welding requirements
1 )we used CO2 welding and submerged arc auto welding or other methods.
2 )Welded seam shall be full penetration and grinded.
3 )The welded product has no fissure, scar, overlap, layer or other defects.
Steel tower Galvanization/color painting
All steel items, bolts, nuts, washers & other components to be hot -dip galvanized with uniform. As per (ASTM-A-123). Paiting for corrosion proof.

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    Phone: 0086-18926086559

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